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Ian Solecki

Weekend Host

Ok, first of all, E-MAIL ME!  Anytime!  Seriously!  Talk to me any time because I want to talk to you and make you a part of the show.  Seriously.  Any time.  E-mailDO IT NOW!

Now, what else is there to say? I was born in that sexy new hospital we've got up on the east side! And by new, I mean 1986. Time flies, eh? Educated at Montessori (previously in the Lutheran Church, then the optometrists office by the Bayshore, and now over on the west side), then Strathcona (also abandoned), and that fancy new OSCVI. Moved to London for a few years to do that whole "school" thing but let's be honest... I'm never going to live somewhere ever again that isn't on the water.

I like this whole radio thing because I get to flip a switch and talk to thousands of people. At the same time, I get to talk to YOU! And just you! And you can talk to me too... see above.

Outside of work, I am pretty much the guy your mom wants you to marry (unless you're a guy, in which case I appreciate the interest but will have to respectfully decline). I cook up masterpieces in the kitchen and can occasionally be found on the stationary bike as a result. I watched every episode of the OC and can name most of the characters from ER. I like a wide range of music, both popular and lesser-known (Mix is stealing some of my secrets!)

It's not all sunshine and puppies though. As you can see from my photo, I like to hang out in sketchy alleyways. I love politics and political theatre, and I'm always down for a good political discussion, but I should warn you: I always win. I'll also be, without question, the first person to crack an inappropriate joke when it's not called for. Also, poop jokes are ALWAYS funny. ALWAYS. I require that my colleagues and listeners have a sense of humour: if you can't take a joke, I've got two words for you and I can only say one of them on radio! (seriously though... I still love you even if you're totally humourless)

My favourite places in Owen Sound include the Centennial Tower (great place to take a hot date... rawr), the gazebo thing and associate playground at the Bayshore (beautiful sunsets and you can ride a dinosaur!), Harrison Park (name me a city that can beat a place like that), and Kelso Beach (I think I've only missed 3 Summerfolks in my entire lifetime!) Maybe I'll see you in one of those places. You probably won't see me though, as I'll be creepily hiding in the bushes watching you through binoculars. I mean, birdwatching. STOP JUDGING ME!



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